Outer Limits is 50 today!

The Outer Limits

50 years ago today, at 7:30 pm est, the world was invaded by The Outer Limits!

It was Friday evening and ABC launched this fantastic series with the episode “The Galaxy Being.”  I can only imagine what it would have been like to be a kid watching the infamous opening for the first time ever.  When I was young I’d watch The Outer Limits on reruns, and even though I’d seen it a million times before, every time the narrator comes on with “There is nothing wrong with your television set” it would send shivers down my spine.

I always felt like The Outer Limits was way scarier than other shows like the Twilight Zone or One Step Beyond.  The episode that freaked me out the most as a kid was “The Architects of Fear.”  The thought of being randomly selected to undergo radical and permanent surgery to be transformed into a horrible monster was like unleaded nightmare fuel to my kid brain.  To this day that episode still freaks me out.

Right now, every episode of The Outer Limits is available for free on Hulu.  I know what I’ll be watching tonight. Happy Birthday Outer Limits and thanks for many sleepless nights!

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