Happy Birthday to the King!

Elvis Aaron Presley, born January 8, 1935.  Happy Birthday!!!

In addition to being the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis was an actor, appearing in about 30 or so films.  Probably not the objective “best” of his movies, but one of my favorites, is 1964’s “Kissin’ Cousins.”

You'd think that they'd get all of the "S's" or none of the "S's" backwards.

You’d think that they’d get all of the “S’s” or none of the “S’s” backwards.

So Air Force Elvis and his Air Force pals are tasked with buying some land in the Great Smokey Mountains so Uncle Sam can build a missile site on it.  Unfortunately, the Hill Folk who live there don’t want to sell.  Fortunately, this Hill Folk is kin to Air Force Elvis, and if anyone can talk these rascally hillbillies into selling of their land, its him.  We meet a kooky assortment of supporting characters, listen to a bunch of delightful tunes, and enjoy some wacky hijinks.

Lobby CardAir Force Elvis finds himself torn between two love interests played by beautiful babes Pamela Austin (from those awesome Dodge Rebellion commercials) and Yvonne Craig (Batgirl!).  Elvis also has a dual role in this flick, playing a hillbilly cousin of Air Force Elvis that falls in love with a cute Air Force secretary played by Cynthia Pepper.

Elvis and Babes

Hefting babes is easy if you fill them with helium first.

Also there is an all-girl gang of man-hungry chicks in bikinis roaming the mountainside, assaulting any even remotely good-looking guy they happen to come across.  Because sexual assault is funny when it’s chicks doing it to guys.

Bikini Chicks!This movie really reminds me of a lot of the mid 60’s AIP output like Dr. Goldfoot or the Frankie and Annette Beach Movies.  The plot is light and silly, the songs are fun, the chicks are good looking, and everything is wrapped up with a great big happy ending.  If your looking to turn off your brain and relax, this would be a good bet.

Once again, Happy Birthday Elvis!

Shine on you crazy diamond!

Shine on you crazy diamond!


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