October in Pittsburgh: 3 amazing events in one weekend!

Wow, I can’t believe how crazy the weekend of October 10, 11, and 12 is going to be in the greater Pittsburgh area!  That weekend is Monster Bash, an amazing classic horror movie convention in Mars, PA which will be celebrating all things Hammer horror this October.  They have an amazing lineup of stars, programs, Q&A’s and dealers (including yours truly!).  I have been attending this convention for a couple of years and I think it is one of the best horror conventions in the country.  Everyone is amazingly friendly, gracious, and very available.  No long lines here; you can have a conversation.  It is great!  This will be my first time as a dealer, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Literally 5 minutes away in Evan’s City PA will be the Living Dead Fest.  Evan’s City is the filming location of Night of the Living Dead (and The Crazies) as well as the Living Dead Museum.  This year they have an amazing lineup including George Romero and they will be dedicating a plaque on the Cemetery Chapel, which was recently restored.  Man that sounds amazing!

Then, in downtown Pittsburgh proper, at the convention center is the Pittsburgh Zombie Fest.  This event takes place on Saturday and will have people dressed as zombies, vendors, live music … all kinds of fun stuff.  A couple of years back they set the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of Zombies at their zombie walk.  Awesome!

I currently live in Mars, and I am so fortunate to have so many freaking cool events going on around me.  My only problem is that I can’t go to them all!  All things considered though, that is a good problem to have.

Well, that’s it for now.  Like I said I’ll be at Monsterbash selling artwork and having a great time.  If you see me there, tell ‘em Terror Crypt sent ya!!!

Monster Bash October 2014Living Dead Fest 2014 banner

Zombiefest 2014

Review – Logan’s Run TV Show (1977) part 2

Logan’s Run only had 14 episodes before it got the axe.  Still, there is plenty to love.  Here are my favorite moments and aspects in no particular order.

  • The Fashions – Skittles comes to mind when I see the people running around in this show.  Most of the time people wear costumes of a single bright color, maybe with an accent color.  This simple, but colorful, wardrobe choice makes characters easy to identify on screen at any time.  Logan’s black and grey Sandman outfit is simplicity defined, and stands out amongst the bright colors you’ll see everywhere else.  Jessica’s bright mini-skirts in light shades of pink or white almost pop out of the screen.  Other times you’ll see shag carpet vests, cat-suits, flowing robes, weird jewelry … not to mention the super 70’s haircuts and mustaches!  I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one.  Enjoy!

    I don’t see any patterns here.


    Nice belt!


    Stache, chest hair, shirt made of carpet …. this is the 70’s man!!!

    I don't know what is going on here, but I like it!

    I don’t know what is going on here, but I like it!

    So .... many .... miniskirts!

    So …. many …. miniskirts!


    Science … ?

  • Rem is awesome! – A few short years after Logan’s Run was off TV Donald Moffat would command Outpost #31 in John Carpenter’s “The Thing” (and also play Walt Whitman on Dr. Quinn!) but here he played Rem, the plucky android (not robot!) sidekick of Logan and Jessica.  Rem was great because he stayed forever calm and rational no matter what danger or weirdness our group was facing.  He could have guns held to his head, or be dissected by aliens, but this cool cucumber never broke a sweat.  Rem could always figure a way out of a situation and he never resorted to violence to do it.  TV shows need more characters like this: well-acted, rational, calm, brilliant, and entertaining to watch.


    How many androids can you see in this picture.

  • That Time Travel Episode – Episode 5 “Man Out of Time” is has a cool little twist ending that I really dug.  Spoilers!!!!! 200 some years ago, just before the Great War that ended civilization and caused all this wackiness in the Loganverse there is a cabal of scientists working furiously to prevent the aforementioned war.  Their plan is for massive, shielded, underground supercomputers to autonomously collect data on the aftermath of the upcoming war for hundreds of years.  Then, using the experimental time travel machine they have made, they will send a scientist into the future to collect the data, bring it back, then analyze it to figure out a way to avoid to war.  Well, said scientist goes into the future, meet Logan and our gang, wacky adventures ensue but he does manage to get some of the data.  He has second thoughts about preventing the war, as that would cause his new friends to not exist.  In the end, he is convinced by Logan, Jessica, and Rem to return to the past.  The twist is that when he returns, he finds out that the successful discovery and testing of time travel causes the great war, as various nations view it as a threat and begin launching nukes immediately.  Like, Woah Dude!

    Time Travel

    Time Travel never looked so Shiny!

  • Francis’ Goon-Squad – So Logan and co. escape from the City of Domes and head out all over the countryside looking for Sanctuary.  Somehow, Francis is able to follow them and bring 3-4 henchmen with him.  How the heck does that work!?  I could understand it if Francis alone simply followed them in his own hovercar, always nipping at Logan’s heels.  However, no matter how many miles he covers, no matter how many deserts he crosses, he’s only a radio call away from getting a few dudes to come help him out.  Did Logan just circle the entrance to the City of Domes?  I want to know.


    Can’t you see it hovering?

  • That Haunted House episode – Yep, a haunted house.  Not a futuristic haunted house, but an old-school victorian, cobwebs-and-dust, haunted house.  In the middle of the post apocalyptic wasteland.  And there is a storm that causes our heroes to stop and “seek shelter” even though they are in a damn Hovercar.  Ghosts appear and disappear, Satanists want to sacrifice Jessica to the devil, there are caves in the basement … yeah it is so weird that this kinda just pops up in a Sci-Fi show.  I love it though.  It feels so …. TV.  I don’t know how to explain that better, but sometimes it is wonderful when a show decides to give us a gimmick.  It is fun and silly, and so entertaining.

    LR Halloween


  • Aliens … twice! – There are at least two alien episodes.  Both times the aliens are humans that wear sparkly outfits.  Ha ha, that is how you can tell a human (or robot (or android!)) from an alien.  Also in the first alien episode there are some really, I mean really, lousy creature outfits for some different aliens.  Boy are they bad.  They did make the opening credits though, so good for them!


    This show also had some pretty lousy/awesome looking robots.

Well that is all for now.  Logan’s Run the complete series is by now pretty cheap on Amazon or wherever, so check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.